Heart Attacks Are Real - Dinner with Professor Rivka Carmi, President of Ben Gurion University

Dr. Arash Bereliani and Prof Rivka Carmi

This past weekend I was one of 20 people invited to an intimate dinner in Los Angeles, honoring the first woman to serve as president of an Israeli university, Professor Rivka Carmi, a Harvard educated pediatrician and geneticist.  Since 2006 she has been the President of Ben Gurion University of the Negev and in 2010 appointed the Chairwoman of the Israeli Association of University Heads.

Over enjoying hors d'oeuvres she approached me and after a few pleasantries were exchanged she said:

“Arash, being a cardiologist, I want to share a sad story with you. One of the women who works with me at the university was married to a guy we used to call the “Iron Man” because of his athletic abilities and his physical shape. He did not have an ounce of fat. He was all muscle and would work out 3 hours a day.  I was very surprised to hear he suddenly had a massive heart attack two weeks ago while swimming in a lake. By the time someone found him he was dead!  He was only 49 years old!”  Before we could finish the conversation the presentation was starting, and we needed to take our seats. 

I was seated next to a young couple. As we started to converse, the young lady asked what I did. I told her I was a cardiologist. I noticed a sad expression appear on her face. She looked at her husband and told me that her brother died of a heart attack at age 52!. She had contributed his heart attack to his smoking. Even though I didn’t know the deceased I knew that there was a significant genetic contribution to his death, in addition to his history of smoking. After all, to get a massive deadly heart attack at such a young age requires not only risk factors but also a genetic predisposition.

Later that evening, as I was driving home from the event, I got a call from a friend informing me that a mutual high school friend of ours, that I lost contact with was in the hospital and had passed away while waiting for a heart transplantation.

There it was. Three death notification due to heart attack/heart disease all within 3 hours. Unfortunately, heart attacks are real and remain the number one cause of death in the world.  As a cardiologist I hear these stories every day, you would think I would be numb to them but with each story I hear it story it gets harder to accept because I know all three heart attacks and subsequent deaths could have been prevented through the B-100 Method. 

I spend over 20 years of extensive research and refinements through clinical experiences creating the B-100 Method, so heart attacks could be prevented. This is a revolutionary method using a combination of prediction and prevention to minimize risk and maximize life span in a way that traditional heart tests cannot.

I urge you to take your heart health seriously. To prevent a heart attack call my office and schedule an appointment with me!

Arash Bereliani, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.C. Beverly Hills Institute For Cardiology & Preventive Medicine

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