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For those seeking enhanced care, I offer a world class Elite Membership. This allows me the extra time needed to provide you with the highest level of personalized attention that, as a physician I believe is so important. As my Elite patient, I will be your private physician working hard to protect your most important asset: your physical health and emotional well-being. You will experience the most elite level of quality accessibility, personalized services and access to the latest advances in functional, preventive and integrative medicine. For a specific group of patients, I do offer higher tiers of membership through Enhanced and Premier services. Please see below for more details.



In addition to the Elite services, Enhanced Members receive a personal medical liaison who serves as your personal assistant to help with all your medical administrative needs. This includes setting up your appointments with our office and other physicians, scheduling your tests at various locations if needed, and communication with your pharmacy for new medications or refills. In addition, you will have additional office visits and double the amount of testing.



Due to the extensive nature of this membership and the time commitment required, Dr. Bereliani limits this tier to 20 Premier patients through personal invitation only. In addition to the Enhanced services, Premier members receive extensive testing and direct access to Dr. Bereliani regardless of time or day. Furthermore, Premier Members receive personal visits by Dr. Bereliani to any LA hospital or if needed him and his facilities visit the Premier patient at their LA home, with necessary equipment including ultrasound and x-ray. Dr. Bereliani is the gatekeeper and expert on the past, present and future healthcare needs of Premier patients responsible for coordinating all medical needs and prescription drugs.

Currently, this level of membership is full. If you are recommended for this level of membership by the doctor your name will be added to the wait list.




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Cardiologist & Internist located in Beverly Hills, CA


Dr. B is a world-renowned expert leading the Preventative and Functional Cardiovascular Disease field. He is Board-Certified in Cardiovascular and Internal Medicine.

Dr. B has served as a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine since 2003. He is also on staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s renowned Center of Excellence and is the Medical Director at The Beverly Hills Institute of Cardiology and Preventive Medicine.  His practice is uniquely positioned amongst an extremely small group of cardiologists worldwide, who possess in-depth knowledge of functional and orthomolecular medicine to apply an integrative approach that seeks to use all scientific and proven methods available (not just medication) to treat heart disease.

As a leader in the field of Preventive Cardiology, he specializes in incorporating the latest cutting-edge research and advanced genetic testing, along with highly specialized and sophisticated biomarkers to predict an individual’s chance of developing significant cardiovascular disease within specified subsequent years. Dr. B creates a personalized, comprehensive treatment approach for each individual patient. In treating patients, both those with and without cardiovascular disease, he combines the best of traditional and integrative medicine.

Dr. B received his medical degree from Finch University of Health Sciences in Chicago, where he was ranked number one in his graduating class (of 192 students), receiving numerous awards and honors that included being inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) medical honor society, a fraternity to which only the top 10% of medical students in the country are invited. He went on to complete his internal medicine and cardiology training at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. B strives to give back to his community through his fundraising efforts to further heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s research. Equally important, he created a non-profit organization to help patients with no or low income get access to heart disease testing. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter, and dog, and loves to raise his adrenaline by getting behind the wheel of his Porsche at the race track!





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    Vitals' Top 10 Doctor Award 2013



    Consumers' Research Council: America's Top Physicians 2004-2005


    Counsumer' Research Council of America: America's Top Cardiologist 2006

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